about me

I'm Lera Ginsburg, a designer and musician based in Hamburg. My work revolves around the fusion of sound and design, expressing sound in a visual way through my designs. I would describe my approach as "Sounding Shapes."

In 2006, I founded my jewelry brand, Lera Ginsburg Jewelry, specializing in handmade jewelry in small series. For me, jewelry pieces are not just accessories – they are more like unique signatures. Our existence is filled with emotions, visions, and memories. Jewelry can make all of that visible by creating space for one's own essence. My intention is to ignite a sense of individuality and encapsulate personal moments within my jewelry designs. I believe that these personal moments often stem from life events imbued with the presence of people, places, and unique atmospheres, harmonizing with the sounds that surround us – one of the senses that beautifully captures the essence of those moments.

Welcome to my world of jewelry, where craftsmanship, passion, and the harmony of sound and design converge, inviting you to embrace and celebrate your authentic self.

Lera Ginsburg