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How to find your size

ring sizes.
Finding the right ring size is very easy:
When determining the ring size at Lera Ginsburg Jewelry, the inner diameter is measured (e.g. we offer our rings in sizes 54, 56 and 58. Sometimes also in sizes 52 or 60).
In order to have a lot of fun with the new ring, the right ring size is crucial: choose one of your rings that fits particularly well. Using a ruler, measure the inside diameter from inside edge to inside edge in the exact center of the ring.

Please only order rings in the available sizes. Unfortunately, our rings are not always available in all sizes. The ring is the right size if it can be easily removed and put on, but you don't lose it and if possible don't feel it. When it comes to ring size, there are a few things to keep in mind:

• Ring size changes throughout life.

• Ring size changes throughout the day.

• Fingers are usually thicker in the evening than in the morning.

• Fingers are usually thicker in summer than in winter.

• Wide rings often need to be slightly larger than narrow rings.

• The ring gauge only applies to round rings.

Since we offer our rings according to the inner diameter, the ring size cannot be measured with a thread or paper strip. A few more household tricks for rings that are too 'tight': Dip your finger in ice water. Because cold narrower fingers